Anna Lundqvist

″Thank you so much for taking the time to review and listen to MEWE. Such nice words and the analysis is so spot on to what I was going for when I wrote the songs and produced the album. It's always the best feeling when someone understands what you were reaching for.
Of course I will share this on all my platforms. Thank you again and hope to see you soon!″


Omslag Mewe 300


Musicians Anna Lundqvist Quintet: Anna Lundqvist, vocals; Björn Almgren, soprano and tenor saxophone; Fabian Kallerdahl, grand piano and keyboards; Mattias Grönroos, double bass and electric bass; Jon-Erik Björänge, drums and percussion
Guest musicians: Krister Jonsson, guitar; Stina Larsdotter, cello; Tobias Hedlund, vibraphone
Recorded: Spinroad Studios, Lindome, Sweden; 2017 01 06-08, by Pedro Ferreira
Label: Prophone Records
Titels: Listen; Alone; Inspired; My Joy; The Ravens; Behind it all; Insomnia; Everything is everything; MEWE; Without and within; Beautiful friend, the end
Composers: all songs and arrangements written by Anna Lundqvist except Alone and The Ravens, arranged by Martin Olson (co-producer)

ALQ is the Anna Lundqvist Quintet, consisting of voice, saxophone and rhythm section. On MEWE the band is occasionally expanded with guitar, cello and vibraphone.

CD cover Emiliano Sampio

Meretrio & Mega Mereneu Project

Players: Meretrio and Mega Merenau Big Band, 2 CD's recorded in Graz, Austria, February 2018, SWR113/19


Emiliano Sampaio: guitar, trombone, loop machine; Gustavo Boni: electric bass, acoustic bass; Louis André: drums, percussion.

The Wedding; Helsinki; Red Eyes; Answer; Open Cold; Birds; Interpretation; O Golpe; The Reverb.

Emiliano Sampaio, born in Brazil in 1984, studied guitar intensively. Almost too much in his own saying. He needed a break and picked up the trombone because of the low prize of the instrument. Nowadays he plays both the guitar and the trombone; a pretty rare combination. Plus, he likes to work with loop stations and writes compositions for his trio and for large ensembles. He is based in Graz, Austria.



Players: Ricardo Pinheiro, PT, guitar; Massimo Cavalli, IT, double bass; Eric Ineke, NL, drums;
Recorded: 2017 November 25, Lisbon, Portugal
Label/record company: Daybreak DBCHR75337

Liner notes: Victor L. Schermer

Tittles: Blues Just Because; Cinema Paradiso; If I should lose you; Along came Betty; You’ve changed; Conception; Retrato em Branco e Preto; When you wish upon a star;