James Lincoln (Jim) Collier

Jim Collier is a New York, USA based author of articles, American history books and jazz books. From 1974 on he did research for the book that was called 'The Making of Jazz' which was published in 1978. The book was translated in several languages and sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide.

'The Making of Jazz' was the right book at the right time. Around 1977 at the end of the historical period and at the beginning of the institutional period of jazz there was a clear need for a book that treated all styles in jazz equally and that took the development of jazz as music as the point of departure.

In the interview recorded on 6 December 2014 Jim Collier talks about why and how he wrote 'The Making of Jazz', why it is different from all other previous jazz history books, on jazz in Europe and on the future of jazz.