The city of Nice in the south of France claims to have organized the first jazz festival in the world in 1948.


It was towards the end of the 1960 that the large size summer jazz festivals started as we know them today.

Founders City Country Year

Jyrki Kangas, Pori, Finland, 1966

Claude Nobs, Montreux, Switzerland, 1967

Carlo Pagnotta, Umbria Jazz, Perugia, Italy 1973

Geoge Wien, Grand Parade du Jazz, Nice, France 1974

Paul Acket, The Hague, The Netherlands, 1978

Jean-Paul Boutellier, Vienne, France, 1981




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IJFO: International Jazz Festival Organization, gathers each year in October in New York, USA. Scott Southhard, International Music Network: three levels of artists: over-paid, under-paid, non-paid (JT, 2023)