Let there be Life, Love and Laughter - Eric Ineke meets the tenor players

Tenor saxophone: Eddie ‘Lockjaw’ Davis; Dexter Gordon; Johnny Griffin, Grant Stewart; David Liebman; John Ruocco; Clifford Jordan; Lucky Thompsom; George Coleman.
Piano: Rein de Graaff; Rob van Bavel; Rob Madna; Rob Agerbeek.
Double bass: Koos Serierse; Henk Haverhoek; Marius Beets; Ruud Jacobs; Rob Langereis

Recordings: between 1968 and 2014
Titles: Body and Soul; Stablemates; Wee; Bye, Bye, Blackbird; Let there be life, love and laughter; Lady Bird; Walkin’.

Label: Daybreak (Challenge Records Int.)

Erik Ineke

Cassettes. I never liked them. The sound quality is mediocre and they always break. At unpredictable moments, a bunch of plastic spaghetti comes out of the player. Always a pencil, some tape, and a pair of scissors next to the deck. After the repair, the best part of the recording is most of the time missing.


Musicians: Simon Plötzeneder: trumpet & Flügelhorn; Stefan Gottfried: alto saxophone; Tobias Hoffmann: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone; Daniel Holzleitner: trombone; Fabian Rucker: bass clarinet, baritone saxophone; Christopher Pawlu: guitar; Philipp Nykrin: piano; Andres Waelti: bass; Michael Prowaznik: drums

Recording date: August 2018, mixed and mastered: December 2019, January 2019
Titles: Retrospective; Happenstance; Horns Alone; Procrastinator; Frülingserwachen; Propulsion; Who’s to blame; Remembrance; Venteto; Am Ende des Tages.

Composer: compositions and arrangements by Tobias Hoffmann https://www.tobiashoffmannmusic.com
Label: Alessa Records and Jazz, ALR1076
Distribution: Sounddesign Austria, https://www.sounddesign-austria.at

The Tobias Hoffmann Nonet shows a wide array of beautiful colored arrangements of original compositions as well as giving optimal space for the members of the band for their solos to shine.


Rise and Shine

Ruud Breuls-Simon Rigter Quintet.
Musicians: Ruud Breuls: trumpet, fluegelhorn
Simon Rigter: tenor saxophone
Karel Boehlee: piano
Jos Machtel: double bass
Marcel Serierse: drums
Recorded: 2-3 January 2019 at the Wedgeview Studio, The Netherlands
Recording engineers: Udo Pannekeet, Marcel Serierse
Label: Challenge Records, CR73480
All songs by members of the of the quintet, except Let’s cool one: Thelonious Monk


‘Rise and Shine’: a convincing and strong record. The interplay between the melody section and the rhythm section is of the highest level. A great band with a distinctive sound. Excellent solos on all tracks by all players, each of them in full control of their instruments.

Anna Lundqvist

″Thank you so much for taking the time to review and listen to MEWE. Such nice words and the analysis is so spot on to what I was going for when I wrote the songs and produced the album. It's always the best feeling when someone understands what you were reaching for.
Of course I will share this on all my platforms. Thank you again and hope to see you soon!″


Omslag Mewe 300


Musicians Anna Lundqvist Quintet: Anna Lundqvist, vocals; Björn Almgren, soprano and tenor saxophone; Fabian Kallerdahl, grand piano and keyboards; Mattias Grönroos, double bass and electric bass; Jon-Erik Björänge, drums and percussion
Guest musicians: Krister Jonsson, guitar; Stina Larsdotter, cello; Tobias Hedlund, vibraphone
Recorded: Spinroad Studios, Lindome, Sweden; 2017 01 06-08, by Pedro Ferreira
Label: Prophone Records
Titels: Listen; Alone; Inspired; My Joy; The Ravens; Behind it all; Insomnia; Everything is everything; MEWE; Without and within; Beautiful friend, the end
Composers: all songs and arrangements written by Anna Lundqvist except Alone and The Ravens, arranged by Martin Olson (co-producer)


ALQ is the Anna Lundqvist Quintet, consisting of voice, saxophone and rhythm section. On MEWE the band is occasionally expanded with guitar, cello and vibraphone.

CD cover Emiliano Sampio

Meretrio & Mega Mereneu Project

Players: Meretrio and Mega Merenau Big Band, 2 CD's recorded in Graz, Austria, February 2018, SWR113/19


Emiliano Sampaio: guitar, trombone, loop machine; Gustavo Boni: electric bass, acoustic bass; Louis André: drums, percussion.

The Wedding; Helsinki; Red Eyes; Answer; Open Cold; Birds; Interpretation; O Golpe; The Reverb.

Emiliano Sampaio, born in Brazil in 1984, studied guitar intensively. Almost too much in his own saying. He needed a break and picked up the trombone because of the low prize of the instrument. Nowadays he plays both the guitar and the trombone; a pretty rare combination. Plus, he likes to work with loop stations and writes compositions for his trio and for large ensembles. He is based in Graz, Austria.



Players: Ricardo Pinheiro, PT, guitar; Massimo Cavalli, IT, double bass; Eric Ineke, NL, drums;
Recorded: 2017 November 25, Lisbon, Portugal
Label/record company: Daybreak DBCHR75337 www.challengerecords.com

Liner notes: Victor L. Schermer www.allaboutjazz.com

Tittles: Blues Just Because; Cinema Paradiso; If I should lose you; Along came Betty; You’ve changed; Conception; Retrato em Branco e Preto; When you wish upon a star;